Basic Foam

With their specific properties, closed-cell foam materials can be precisely shaped or sized to meet desired specifications, influenced by factors like density, formulation, manufacturing, and post-treatment techniques. These factors allow for tailored hardness and density combinations, meeting unique application needs.

closed-cell foam materials


Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate foam

Our PE/EVA foam series is a type of chemically-closed cell foam which is composed of the base materials -PE and EVA, respectively, through our exclusive formulation technique/formula.


  • [Impact resistance] EVA is suitable for making various impact resistant goods such as floor mats, crash pads, packaging materials

  • [Lightweight and non-absorbent] Light in texture, can be used for aquatic goods such as floats,

  • [Stress-resistant, heavy-duty] Can be used to make household items such as children's tables and chairs, fitness accessories, massage products


Polyolefin foam

POE inherits the physical characteristics of elastomers from the combination of an array of individualized foaming processes. Comfort, cushiony feel, and durability altogether are translated into splendid POE performance, particularly for athletic users. POE in fact is also dubbed as the “Exercise Partner.”


  • [High resilience] Suitable for making yoga mats and exercise mats

  • [Easy to clean]


Thermoplastic Elastomer foam

Our specially-formulated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) foam is 40% lighter than regular rubber sponge, but still possesses its properties – elastic and light-weighted, resulting in extra-comfort. More rewardingly, our TPE foam is ideal for the process of performing cold/hot moulding.


  • [Extensibility] Used to make yoga mats with patches that are more soft and stretchy


Sidzan®-Shock-absorbing material

Our SIDZAN foam – stressing on tremendous user protection and support – is a sturdy material that boasts its high impact-absorption capability and minimizes the ricochet effect off from any degree of impact ranging from minor to major by further dissipating the force efficiently and effectively.


  • [Shockproof] Used to make anti-fatigue pads, industrial protection product


Expanded polystyrene 4th generation

Our technologically-developed EPSIV foam is consisted of a mixture of natural materials providing stellar tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance and resilience. More significantly, its durability resembles that of traditional rubber sheet, yet it is 50% lighter in weight.

other types of foam

Other Foam